Serhiy Topolsky
President RC "Lviv - Ratusha"
Serhiy Topolsky

Today Lviv has five active clubs, namely:

RC Lviv               (1993)
RC Lviv - Leopolis  (1998)
RC Lviv - Centre   (2001)
RC Lviv - Ratusha  (2003)
RC Lviv - Zamok    (2010)
RC Lviv - Kniazhiy  (2012)

These clubs unite over 200 Rotarians, who annually, on the 23rd of February on the anniversary of Rotary's formation, carry out joint benevolent projects for the community in Lviv.
As well, thanks to the Rotary community in the city, the District Conference was held in Lviv in May 2008.
The last activity of Lviv Rotarians was assistance in restoring an icon from the beginning of the XVI century, Image of Edessa/Holy Mandylion.

1,Slovatskogo st., p/b 118
Lviv, Ukraine, 79000 . +380 67 6752534