Serhiy Topolsky
President RC "Lviv - Ratusha"
Serhiy Topolsky

The club began its activities by taking care of the Ivan Franko Park in Lviv. In particular, for many years the club acquired and installed items to improve the park's comfort- benches, waste bins.
The first formal project was assistance to a Police under-age reception centre in the Lviv oblast. In particular the club installed PVC windows in the rooms and provided sets of bed linen for the children.
One of the biggest projects became a joint project with Canadian Rotarians to assist a Children's Shelter of the Lviv Regional Administration.
The club joined in automating the Children's Public Libraries of Lviv. Computers, printers and scanners were provided.
A fine tradition has evolved with the annual Who? Where? When? competition among orphanages of the Lviv oblast, and the Rotarian New Year's and Charity Auction.
Also, our club has acted as host club for two recipients of Rotary awards, one from Japan and one from Canada.
At the time of writing, the club has , in a joint project with Canadian Rotarians of D5370 and the RC of Edmonton South, acquired an incubator for newborns for the maternity ward at the Radekhiv Central Regional Hospital and reanimation table for new - born children of Gorodok. 

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