Serhiy Topolsky
President RC "Lviv - Ratusha"
Serhiy Topolsky

If you are interested in joining Rotary and you live and work in Lviv, please contact us. You may phone us +380 67 6711435 or send a letter through the section Contacts.
Those wishing to join the club are asked to indicate their interest by contacting the club secretary and submitting an application in which they describe in detail their professional activity which evidences that the candidate has the ability to actively take part in the work of the club.
Further, candidates must attend at least four regular club meetings and demonstrate their high level of professionalism and understanding of the ideals and principles of Rotary. Membership is by invitation only and candidates need to be proposed by an active club member.

1,Slovatskogo st., p/b 118
Lviv, Ukraine, 79000 тел. +380 67 6752534