Serhiy Topolsky
President RC "Lviv - Ratusha"
Natalia Vytrykush


Ukraine from 1991 to 1994, along with all clubs in the territory of the former Soviet Union, was part of D1430(Finland). In 1994, upon the request of the PDG of D1680(Alsace-Lorraine), the President of RI, Bob Bart and the RI Board of directors decided upon the protectorate of D1680 over Ukraine. Responsibility for Ukraine was assigned to Leon Logele. In time Ukraine was named a Special Extension Area(SEA) and the President Extension Administrator(PEA) was Leon Logele.
From July 3, 1999 the SEA was terminated and the direction of Rotary in Ukraine was taken on by the Ukrainian Steering Committee of RI, created by a Director of RI, Mario Specci, in August 1999, in Lviv. The elected coordinator of the Ukrainian Steering Committee, ratified by the RI Board was Myroslav Havryliw (RC Lviv). A RI working Conference under the direction of RI President Carlo Ravicci in Budapest in November 1999 developed a project which, after being ratified by all clubs in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, was accepted by the RI Board of Directors in February 2000- the creation , from July 1, 2000, of a united RI District- D2230, consisting of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine, based on the already existing D2230(Poland).

Since 2015, district 2232 has been created, which includes Ukraine and Belarus.

District 2230(Poland) came into being on 1 July, 1997. The first Governor was Bohdan Kurowski (RC Olsztyn), the second Ц Leszek A. Gzella (RC Lublin), the third- Eugeniusz Piontek (RC Warsaw Ц Old Town), the fourth 2000/2001-Ryszard Kaszuba-Krzepicki (RC Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia). Poland was the first post socialist country where a RI District was formed.

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