Serhiy Topolsky
President RC "Lviv - Ratusha"
Natalia Vytrykush

It was at the end of 2002, that an inaugural group was set up to form the club. Today one of its members, Yuriy Malyuk is still a Rotarian. The group received support from Rotarians in Lviv, in particular from RC Lviv - Centre, which became the sponsoring club. This all happened during the term of the first Ukrainian DG of D2230, Pavlo Kashkadamov.

Yuriy Malyuk  is a member of initiative group

17 March 2003 RC Lviv - Ratusha was legalised as a community organisation by virtue of written notice of its establishment by the licensing authorities of Lviv City Council.

17 June 2003 the club was registered with Rotary International. With the arrival into the club of Svitlana Kubiv from RC Lviv-Centre, came intensive growth and the realisation of club activities. It was she who became the Charter President of the club.

Charter president Svitlana Kubiv

The chartering of the club took place on 19 June 2004 at the National Academic Ukrainian drama theatre named after M. Zankovetska.
Present at our chartering were Rotarians from all the clubs in Lviv, and from many clubs in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Canada, France and the USA. RC Lviv-Ratusha became the fourth and newest club in Lviv.

RC Lviv - Ratusha

Charter  participants

4 October 2007 the community organisation RC Lviv-Ratusha was recognised by the City Council authorities as a legal entity. This made it possible to cooperate more fully with foreign clubs and to receive matching grants.
The club began its activities by taking care of the Ivan Franko Park in Lviv. In particular, for many years the club acquired and installed items to improve the park's comfort- benches, waste bins.

The first formal project was assistance to a Police under-age reception centre in the Lviv oblast. In particular the club installed PVC windows in the rooms and provided sets of bed linen for the children.

One of the biggest projects became a joint project with Canadian Rotarians to assist a Children's Shelter of the Lviv Regional Administration.

The club joined in automating the Children's Public Libraries of Lviv. Computers, printers and scanners were provided.

A fine tradition has evolved with the annual Who? Where? When? competition among orphanages of the Lviv oblast, and the Rotarian New Year's and Charity Auction.

Also, our club has acted as host club for two recipients of Rotary awards, one from Japan and one from Canada.

At the time of writing, the club has, in a joint project with Canadian Rotarians of D5370 and the RC of Edmonton South, acquired an incubator for newborns for the maternity ward at the Radekhiv Central Regional Hospital.

Presidents of RC Lviv - Ratusha:

Yuriy Malyuk       2003/2004
Svitlana Kubiv     2004/2005  (Charter president)
Petro Budzhak    2005/2006
Yuriy Furhala      2006/2007
Yuriy Malyuk       2007/2008
Markian Dribniuk  2008/2009
Victor Sukhoi      2009/2010
Ella Tymchak      2010/2011
Andriy Beyzyk     2011/2012
Mykhaylo Schychak  2012/2013
Ivan Luchechko   2013/2014
Serhiy Yudin       2014/2015
Roman Bil          2015/2016
Serhiy Topolsky  2016/2017
Oleg Kutsakh - 2017/2018
Natalia Berezyuk - 2018/2019
Viktor Horbach - 2019/2020
Daiga Meyer-Rasmussen - 2020/2021
Mykola Dolinsky - 2021/2022   

Today the club has 27 active members who apply maximum effort to serve the community of Lviv and to help those who are most in need.

1,Slovatskogo st., p/b 118
Lviv, Ukraine, 79000 . +380 67 680 99 66