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Reformation of regional cardiosurgery service

The head of cardiosurgery department of Lviv regional clinical hospital, the honoured doctor of Ukraine Vitaliy Averchuk has paid a visit to us.
V.Averchuk has told us that the reformation of cardiosurgery and cardioservice in the region started last year with the purpose to improve giving help to people suffering from heart-vascular diseases. Helping institutions are supposed to give it on all the levels and it should be more specialized, qualified, faster, effective and of high quality. Today basing on Lviv regional cardiocentre modern departments are being created which can help people with acute heart attacks.
Due to the mentioned changes the cardiosurgery department of regional clinical hospital has got some additional room where a powerful operating block with three modern operating theatres will be installed to give help on a new qualitative level.
Unfortunately, state means are not sufficient enough, and the cooperation with European countries is a long lasting process. It can help cardiosurgeons in future with equipment of high quality, but now there is a need to equip the operating theatres and illuminate them.
Summing up the head of the department addressed Rotarians with the suggestion to support the reformation of the regional cardiosurgery. This will help not only one patient but everyone, it is the matter of the future.
At the end of the meeting the Club's president-elect Mykhailo Schuchak shared his impressions on the seminar for future Rotary presidents held in Odessa.

Club's President Andriy Beyzyk is opening the meeting

Head of cardiosurgery department of Lviv regional clinical hospital- Vitaliy Averchuk

During the meeting.

President-elect Mykhailo Schuchak is reporting on the trip to PETS in Odessa.

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